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Ambrus, Anita - Finance, Payroll 
Anita has been supporting the work of Financial Director since August 2014, working on financial and labor fields. She has a degree on Human Management. Earlier she worked at a media and business gifts company as an office manager. In her free time she likes to do sports. She is a dedicated pilates coach.

Szobotka, Csilla - Admission, Marketing  
Csilla had supported the marketing work of the school for several years before she joined to the ISB team. Prior to that, she worked in the field of education as well. She had organized MBA courses of British universities in Hungary for more than 10 years. She spends her free time with her family; loves to travel and explore new countries.

Tod, Marianna - School Secretary
She joined ISB in August 2015 after finishing her studies at SZAMALK. She mainly help the teachers' work, keeps in touch with the parents and manages academic issues. She likes to read and go to the theathre in her freetime.