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ISB - After school courses

ISB offers a wide range of after-school activities. We are proud that students from other schools participate in our clubs, confirming the high quality of these programmes. Some samples of our clubs:


The aim of the football training is to familiarise the children and develop a passion for football. Depending on their age the will be taught to comply with the rules of fair play. Training contains: warm up, learning & parcticing the technical elements, games. ISB football team has a great success every year in international matches between the inernational schools.  


Children learn logic and strategy while developing incredibly creative skills by playing. The ISB has launched several times in Budapest chess tournament, where generally achieved good results.


Both boys and girls like this activity held by qualified instructors in the area of Csilleberc Campus. Children develop their skills on forest roads of several levels of difficulty and lenght.  


Children will learn basic carpentary skills and will make several wooden products such as bird house, doll's chair, wooden toys and more.


Swimming takes place at Varosmajor utca Swimming Pool. Children are taken from the school by bus and they can be picked up from the swimming pool aftre the training. Training is given at various levels by qualified swimming instructors. Course is in Hungarian.

Music - piano

Many of our students are playing music. Our piano instrument instructors offer private lessons for students. They usually play on our school events performing pieces learned during the year.

Judo, Gym

More sports activities are offered, f.e. judo and gymnastics inthe school. Qualified teachers and instructors teach the technical elements of these sports to the children.

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