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The International School of Budapest accepts admissions throughout the year provided there are free places. The student status of the child becomes effective upon enrolling to ISB, for which the following steps are necessary:

  1. In order to become enrolled in our school it is necessary that the given child take part in our Trial Day program and children applying to grades 2-8 in addition attend our English Day program as well. During the Trial Day, younger children can spend the morning, older children the whole day in our school together with a group of students from the same age. This is a wonderful opportunity for enquiring parents and their children to get a taste of ISB, meet our teachers, learn more about our modern teaching methods, and experience the friendly atmosphere that can be found in our school. Besides, we can also get acquainted with the children and can get information about their skills, on the basis of which we can advise the parents about enrolment. On our English Day older students can demonstrate to us their actual knowledge of English language in line with the Cambridge International Exam level relevant for the given age group (

  1. Submitting the fully completed and signed Enrolment Form and the documents specified in it to ISB. We also accept the photocopies or scanned copies of the documents necessary for enrolment. The Enrolment Form can be downloaded from here:

ISB Enrolment Form

  1. Paying the registration fee. Registration fee is a one-time fee covering the administrative costs of the enrolment, and is non-refundable. In order for you to pay the registration fee, the school will issue an invoice based on the data provided in the Enrolment Form. Paying the fee can be accomplished based on the data contained in the invoice (amount, account number, etc.). You can find further information about payment terms under the menu item Tuition Contribution.
  2. Signing the Tuition Agreement concluded between the parents, the student and the school.

Grade 8 students participating in the Hungarian school system can apply to ISB through the official Hungarian secondary school enrolment process. You can find further information about it in our official Admission Brochure (only available in Hungarian) HERE.

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