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Essentially, we instruct two curricula in our school, which perfectly complement each other ensuring the maximum effectiveness in the academic progress of the children. The Cambridge International Curriculum based on skills development creates a synergy with the Hungarian National Curriculum aimed at thorough lexical knowledge. Consequently, in our school the cumulative positive effect of the two curricula is implemented.

In our international curriculum we apply the curriculum and examination system accredited by Cambridge International Examinations thereby ensuring the quality and international recognition. At the end of Grade 5 (Key Stage 2), Grade 8 (Key Stage 3) and Grade 10 (Key Stage 4, IGCSE) the children can take an official Cambridge examination which offers them an excellent opportunity to gain internationally recognised qualifications.

When following the Hungarian National Curriculum we pursue the Curriculum for Bilingual Schools which properly accords with the multilingual tuition structure of our school. According to the Hungarian National Curriculum there is a Test of Competencies at national level at the end of grade 6 and 8, which are also compulsory for ISB students. We are proud of the excellent results of our students achieved on their tests. You can view the test results on our Results & Competitions page.

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