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Alsó tagozatosok - ISB

The vital role of the primary school is to encourage the natural inquisitiveness of children and to orient them towards a lifelong love of learning. Increasing importance is placed on motivating learning, developing critical thinking and metacognitive skills, and fostering collaboration and a sense of community in our younger learners.

Curriculum design

Primary School subjects give a strong foundation for further studies and prepare students well for the more sophisticated curriculum of the Secondary School. The curriculum develops students’ academic, social and emotional wellbeing, focusing as well on their personal development. The number of hours increase slightly as a new subject gets introduced in Grade 5. Our Grade 1 corresponds to Year 2 of Key Stage 1, and our Grades 2 to 5 are equivalent to Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) in the English National Curriculum.


 = Instruction language is Hungarian


Grade 1-5 subject areas

Internationale Programme(I)

No. of lessons/week

Bilingual Programme(I)

No. of lessons/week

ELL (English Language Learning) in small groups –

reading, comprehension, writing, spelling, phonics,

literacy, grammar, diary, poetry

6 6

Additional Language Activities – language skills, reading, comprehension,

topics, writing, spelling, literacy, poetry, grammar, library,

social studies and science*, drama, technology-art-design

4 7
Mathematics 5 4
Additional math  1 1
Science and Social Studies 4 4
Foreign Language** – Spanish or German 2** 2**
Hungarian as a Foreign Language 2 0
Drama and Ethics 1 1
ICT (Information and Communication Technology)*** 1 1
English and Hungarian Music 1 1
Visual Art 2 2
Physical Education (3 + 2 after school lessons) 3 3
Total no. of lessons 30 30
Total no. of lessons in Hungarian 2 11
Total no. of lessons in English or other Foreign Language 30 19

*In the Bilingual Programme Hungarian Environmental and Social Studies are integrated in the Grade 3 and 4 curriculum, while students have separate lessons (two Hungarian History and one Hungarian Science lesson) for this subject area in Grade 5.
**Foreign Language instruction starts in Grade 5 as a compulsory after school club in the 7th period.
***In Grade 1 students have library and reading hour instead of ICT.


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