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Felső tagozatosok - ISB

Academic expectations increase in Grade 6-8. Students need to be a lot more self-reliant and responsible to successfully take on the new challenges. Project work gets more emphases teaching students time management, independence, accountability and efficient collaboration with others.

Curriculum design

Students have several new subjects in Grade 6-8 and their knowledge deepens in all subject areas.
We nurture independent learning skills in every way, encouraging every student to take responsibility for their learning. The programme incorporates local and global issues into the curriculum. Our Grades 6 to 8 correspond to Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) in the English National Curriculum.


 = Instruction language is Hungarian


Grade 6-8 subject areas

International Programme (I)

No. of lessons/week

Bilingual Programme (I)

No. of lessons/wee

ELL (English Language Learning) in small groups –

reading, comprehension, writing, spelling, grammar, literacy, poetry

6 6

Additional Language Activities – language skills, literature and grammar,

reading, comprehension, writing, spelling, library

4 4
Mathematics 3 3
Additional Mathematics  3 3
Hungarian History 0 2
Social Studies – World History, Civilisation, Geography 2 2
Science* 4 4
Foreign Language – Spanish or German 2 2
Hungarian as a Foreign Language 2 0
Drama/Ethics 1 1
ICT (Information and Communication Technology) 1 1
English and Hungarian Music 1 1
Visual Art 2 2
Physical Education (3 + 2 after school lessons) 3 3
Total no. of lessons 34 34
Total no. of lessons in Hungarian 2 9
Total no. of lessons in English or other Foreign Language 34 25

*In the Bilingual Programme in Grade 6 one of the Science lessons is in Hungarian and covers Hungarian Geographical Studies

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