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ISB launched its Cambridge IGCSE programme for students in Grades 9 to 10 in September 2017. This programme will consist of a preparatory course culminating in world-recognised IGCSE examinations at the end of Grade 10. Cambridge IGCSE examinations are the international equivalent of the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) taken by all students in the UK at age 16 years. They are rigorous tests of a student’s academic skills and knowledge. The IGCSE courses are excellent preparation for the IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma.

Introduction to ISB Secondary Grades 9 - 12

You are welcome to visit our school attending on our Secondary School Open Day or our weekly Parent Visit programme, which is held during the school year each Wednesday at 9:00 a.m., alternating weekly in English and Hungarian.

Secondary School Open Day on Wednesday morning, 31st January 2018.

On the Open Day you can get acquainted with ISB's high school and IB programme. We will introduce you the official application procedures of ISB Cambridge IGCSE programme, and answer all questions.

Please complete our online application form, which will be confirmed. Thank You.

Curriculum design

The Cambridge IGCSE years help the progression from Grades 6-8 to IB Diploma style education. From Grade 9 the length of the lessons will be longer (50-55 min) to enable students to spend longer immersing themselves in ideas, topics and tasks. Students have 5 major IGCSE subjects: English, Mathematics, History, Sciences and Language, besides these students will be offered a variety of co-curricular activities. The co-curricular programme will include sport, art, music, drama, debating and ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

Bilingual students will follow a specially designed course in Hungarian Literature and Grammar and Hungarian History. Our Grades 9 and 10 correspond to the Key Stage 4 in the English system.


 = Instruction language is Hungarian


Grade 9-10 subject areas

International Programme (I)

No. of lessons/week

Bilingual Programme (B)

No. of lessons/week

English as a Second Language IGCSE or First Certificate
of English as a Foreign Language
5 5
Maths International IGCSE
4 4
Combined Science IGCSE
3 3
Social Studies
History IGCSE
 3 3
Foreign Language
Foreign Language IGCSE – Spanish or German
3 3
Hungarian Literature and Grammar 0 2
Hungarian History 0 2
Hungarian as a Foreign Language 2 0
Co-curricular subjects
ICT, Drama, Debate, Music, Art, Sports
10 8
Total no. of lessons 30 30
Total no. of lessons in Hungarian 2 4
Total no. of lessons in English or other Foreign Language 30 26

ISB Zero Grade

ISB will offer an option for a zero year (Grade 8+) in order to prepare those students for Grades 9 and 10 who’s English is not ready to start the IGCSE course.

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