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The academic programmes of ISB

ISB offers two different academic programmes for its students.

Our International Academic Programme follows the Cambridge International Curriculum, an international curriculum similar to the English National Curriculum. In this programme, well-qualified native English speaking teachers educate the children, and the teaching is conducted only in English. Twice in the school year, students are given a school report containing a written evaluation in English with details corresponding to the international curriculum. Within this academic programme we also provide the opportunity for students in Grade 1-10 to take part in a second language Hungarian course.

Our Bilingual Academic Programme offers high-standard instruction for Hungarian or Hungarian speaking children with English or other mother tongue. The curriculum follows both the Curriculum Framework for Bilingual Schools of the Hungarian National Curriculum and the Curriculum Framework of the Cambridge International Examinations’ curriculum. Students in this programme have a native English speaking homeroom teacher, and instruction is provided in the proportion of two-thirds of the timetable in English and one-third in Hungarian. Twice a year, students receive a Hungarian school report recognised by the Hungarian state, and a written evaluation in English with details corresponding to the British practice.
This academic programme not only provides a bilingual curriculum, but it enriches the children with the Cambridge curriculum’s skills-based method of education, and provides instruction in an international environment. Our students benefit from having the chance to integrate with their international classmates, and their English language major subjects are taught exclusively by native English speaking teachers.

In all of our academic programmes English is taught in our successful ELL – English Language Learning programme. Within this programme, students from each grade group are placed in study groups of 3-16 members (most often 6-12 members) with mixed English levels. This means that all children are evaluated by our professional staff and carefully placed in mixed-ability language learning groups.
We believe in differentiated instruction, bringing all our students up to a high level of English and so not limiting any student’s learning potential. Utilising the opportunity to mix our groups also promotes increased social interaction within grade levels enhancing social, emotional and intellectual development of all our children.

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