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The educational approach of the International School of Budapest

In ISB we have subordinated everything to the below principles so that we can motivate each pupil to perform to the maximum extent of their ability.
Our supreme educational principle is to develop the children studying with us not only regarding their studies but also to prepare them for life. We believe that human talent can be maximally nurtured if the personality and life skills are developed to the greatest extent. We also believe in the efficiency of differentiated teaching, and that each child needs something else in order to reach their full learning potential.
The following conceptions summarise what we consider important at ISB:
  • creating the possibility for paying individual attention by small class sizes
  • textual evaluations and gentle assessment methods in order to retain the natural, intrinsic interest and desire for knowledge and to maintain and promote the disposition to learn
  • developing independence, creativity, problem solving and reasoning through project works and other activities
  • positive motivation and supportive atmosphere to encourage a better and better performance and to bolster confidence
  • creating a relaxed atmosphere in class to involve every pupil in class work
  • developing communication and performing skills through regular individual and group  performances
  • developing the skills of assessing one’s own accomplishments and conscious learning by personality centred teaching
  • kind, encouraging and caring teacher attitude to establish a feeling of security
  • preferring praise to inspire good conduct
  • developing communication and cooperation with each other when doing team works
  • developing various skills through inspiring after school activities
  • recognising and appreciating acceptance, respect and values in others through experiencing different cultures and their coexistence
  • emphasising some topics that have gained momentum recently (e.g. health consciousness, environment protection, etc.) and creating variety in learning schedule through thematic weeks
  • setting up suitably qualified teaching staff for efficient education

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