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Our preparatory grade is an excellent bridge between kindergarten and school. It focuses more on learning than typical kindergartens, aiding small children in their transition to school life through a paced and gentle introduction to our challenging school expectations.

Curriculum design

The curriculum design in our preparatory year takes into consideration that children at this age get tired faster and have a relatively higher need for play. It prepares students for the intellectual challenges of further education, focusing on the development of the whole child as an inquirer.
Our Preparatory Grade corresponds to Year 1 of Key Stage 1 in the English National Curriculum.


 = Instruction language is Hungarian

Preparatory Grade subject areas

International Programme (I)

No. of lessons/week

Bilingual Programme (B)

No. of lessons/week

ELL (English Language Learning) in small groups–

reading, comprehension, writing, spelling, phonics, literacy, games and songs

8 8

Additional Language Activities – circle time, language skills, story time,

show and tell, topics, writing/writing preparation*,

creative play, games, songs and individual development

9 8
Mathematics 3 4
English Science and Social Studies  3 2
Hungarian Environmental Education 0 2
Songs and Music 2 1
Drama, Social Skills 1 1
Visual Art 2 2
Physical Education 2 2
Total no. of lessons 30 30
Total no. of lessons in Hungarian 0 16
ATotal no. of lessons in English 30 14

*Students have Writing in the International Programme and Writing Preparation in the Bilingual Programme.

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