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Results & Competitions

Congratulation to our students!

In this year our students participated again in Bolyai math and Bolyai Hungarian language and literature competitions with very nice results.

We are proud to announce that Grade 7 team won 4th place on the Bolyai Math Competition.
We would like to congratulate Csanád Dobos, Zétény Dobos, Bence Lesztinger and Ovcsaruk Andrey for the great job they did, and their excellent math teacher, Dávid Seffer.

Thank you for the pride and honor you brought to ISB.




Cambridge International Test Results - Academic Year 2015/16

We are very proud of our students, they have achieved excellent scores on the 2015/16 year-end Cambridge International Tests. The results of our school are available HERE.

English Language Competency Test - Academic Year  2014-15

The result of the English language competency test for bilingual schools in academic year 2014/15 are available HERE


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