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Values & Philosophy of ISB Budapest

The mission of the International School of Budapest is to provide high quality and balanced education tailored to individual educational needs, preparing children for life-long learning both in a local and international environment. We strive to motivate our students to aim for, and reach, their full potential. We work to foster a love for learning and a pride in their own academic progress. We want them to become self-confident and successful adults who are able to use and improve their talents to achieve their own goals.

We believe that children can develop best in a positive, secure environment that gives them cooperation and support, where students, parents and teachers are partners in the learning process. We also believe it is important that our school does not only inspire and support exceptional test results but also helps students in acquiring the necessary skills for a successful life.

Through our education we are dedicated to convey the following values for our students:

•    Independence, creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking;
•    Responsibility, self-consciousness and dedication for learning;
•    Honesty and respect;
•    Accepting, understanding and respecting different cultures;
•    Proactivity and taking initiative;
•    Effective communication;
•    Social cooperation, contribution and teamwork.

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