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Why ISB?

We have drawn our knowledge from years of experience to form ISB into a school where all the parents bring their children in the morning with pleasure, and where both international and Hungarian parents are fully satisfied. There are a number of reasons why ISB is special among the International Schools in Hungary.

Unique curriculum
Besides the Cambridge International Curriculum students in ISB can also acquire the knowledge of the Hungarian National Curriculum. These two curricula perfectly complement each other, as the two different aspects of knowledge and skills development provide maximum effectiveness in our students’ academic progress. English lessons are taught by native English speaking teachers, while Hungarian lessons are taught by native Hungarian teachers, ensuring the highest level and quality of the transfer of knowledge and skills in each subject.

Individual attention - Small class sizes
We have small class sizes. In the academic year 2016/17 our average class size is 15. As a result we can ensure individual attention to every student, taking into consideration the personal needs of each child in order to achieve the maximum improvement in their academic performance.

Healthy environment, Family ambience
We believe that appropriate emotional, psychological and physical progress of a child is not only essential but indispensable for their mental development. ISB is a truly friendly and caring school with a family-like atmosphere. Furthermore we provide one of the healthiest and greenest environment for our students in Budapest, thanks to the location of our school in the wooded Buda-hills.

Committeed Stable teaching staff
Our teaching staff is exceptionally committed and serve as teachers here for extended periods of time. The average time spent with at ISB for a Hungarian staff member is 7 years, while our international staff averages about 5 years.

Hungarian integration
The particularly helpful Hungarian community in ISB supports the integration of foreign or returning families into the Hungarian social life. Foreign children quickly and easily integrate into the Hungarian community, meanwhile they sharing a lot of new knowledge and customs with their Hungarian schoolmates. The time they spend together provides valuable and unforgettable experiences for all children.

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