We at ISB are actively creating a world-class educational community. The world is changing rapidly, and we strive to provide our students with the best possible foundation for their personal, social, physical, and academic futures though our Student Competencies program, which will extend in a relatable way to our Reception Class.

Another major factor of our programming centers around the tremendous natural gifts belonging to the land on which the school is situated. A day-to-day appreciation of and focus on the environment, both experiencing nature and ways to take care of the planet, are central to our philosophical foundations.

Pathways from RECEPTION CLASS to School

Multiple pathways exist for entrance to the larger school at ISB. Children who do not attend Reception Class at ISB are still eligible for entrance to ISB at any grade level, subject to an admissions procedure including evaluation by ISB teachers. However, the ISB Reception Class will provide a tailored approach to support children in their transition to “big school” along two different pathways.

As shown above, children can enter ISB’s Reception Class program with any language background, and upon completion of the program will be recommended to International or Bilingual preparatory classes based on their confidence in both languages and forecasted program. Strong language skills are vital to children’s success in bilingual programming, and developing these skills in both languages will be a key component of every day Reception Class life.


In keeping with the larger school philosophy of supporting and enabling children’s success in both English and Hungarian, this Reception Class’s academic program is a unique combination of skills-based learning model in English, and a lexical knowledge-based learning model in Hungarian. What this means is that each group will have have all core subjects, such as literacy, math, music, art, and motor skills in English, with a focus on English acquisition for non-English native speaking children within the program, as well as some additional language enrichment sessions in Hungarian. Topical curriculum, or Inquiry, will be taught in English but will be supported as necessary with Hungarian language input to ensure comprehension and vocabulary enrichment.

The Reception Class will be led by co-teachers in a cooperative fashion, who will, between them, teach all subjects within their group.

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