Participation of Parents

We at ISB think that for the maximum development of children a healthy cooperation between parents, children and school is necessary. We are working in close connection with parents. We are very happy that parents greatly contribute to the friendly and cosy atmosphere of the school, often offering help to each other and the school when organizing an event or other programs.


In all well-run communities communication plays an important role. Our aim is to create an easy and fast opportunity for parents to contact the school and to provide a means through which parental suggestions, opinions and ideas can reach the appropriate level of management.

ISB Newsletters

Newsletters are sent out once every two weeks to brief parents about school news, important information, upcoming events, competition results, students or events we can be proud of and also about future developments. The newsletters can be found on the school website and are also sent out via email to parents.

ISB Online Parent Portal

We manage a site exclusively for parents whose children attend ISB where they can log in with a username and password to search for information about programmes, events, registrations, questionnaires and downloadable documents concerning their child, the class, the grade or the entire school. Weekly menu and after school clubs can be managed on this site as well.

School Assembly

ISB holds regular school assemblies in the Theatre Hall, where parents and students can watch the plays, shows and other presentations performed by different classes or after school club groups of the school.

e-Student Register

In the e-Student Register, which can be accessed through the ISB website, parents receive up-to-date information about the academic progress of their child from full written evaluations, test results, grades, lesson topics and upcoming test forecasts.

School Reports

Twice in each academic year, at the end of the first and second semester, our students receive a comprehensive and detailed assessment about their performance at school. Subjects that are part of the Hungarian curriculum are assessed in Hungarian; while for subjects included in the English curriculum students receive a textual report and assessment that follows evaluation procedures similar to those found in other international schools.

Open Days

Apart from open days organized for parents who are not yet a part of ISB community, additional open days are organized for ISB parents as well, where all parents can have a look at the lessons or other school activities of their child or children.

Office Hours and Parent Conferences

We liaise closely with our parent community and parents are regularly informed about their child’s academic and social development. All the teachers are available through the school email and also personally for a short time after the teaching period on school days. Meetings for longer conversations are organised weekly in the time of the teacher’s consultation hours and pre-arranged individual appointments are also available. In addition, parents' conferences are held twice a year, when all teachers are available.

Parents Advisory Committee (PAC)

ISB appreciates parents’ suggestions and feedback. This feedback enables us to continuously improve the quality of our educational service. The Parents Advisory Committee meets three times a year. Parents’ representatives forward the parents’ recommendations, constructive ideas and any offers for voluntary help in organisation regarding the school’s educational and other activities to the management.

Students Council

The Student Councils at ISB represent their peers. In addition to acting as the voice of the students, they also organize events and promote an exciting and engaging community spirit by volunteering. The councils are the key link between students and administration: they listen to concerns and take action. The aim is to help students have a voice and to allow their opinions to be heard. The student councils keep strong and constant communication with the school committee. Thus everyone is well informed of the activities and accomplishments. The chairperson is elected by the students.

Parents’ Questionnaires

ISB parents are also invited to share their opinions in the annual survey when any parent can evaluate the yearly performance of the school. The feedback provided by the parents’ questionnaires is analysed and then integrated in the educational development plans of the following school year.

School Calendar

The annual school calendar orients everybody who is interested about all important school events in advance. The calendar includes the dates of thematic weeks, open days, family days or school vacations. The calendar can be freely accessed on the ISB website.