Principal's Greeting

John Hart
School Principal

We are pleased to welcome you to the website of the International School of Budapest.

A look around our website will show a great part of our exciting projects and programs that we participate in daily; it will demonstrate a basic overview of the academic programs the intellectual, emotional and physical development that we provide to our students; and it will also give you a sense of the environment of our campus which is located in one of the most beautiful and peaceful places of Budapest, in the middle of the Buda forests. Of course only a visit to our campus will be able to give you the whole picture of all the wonderful things and people that we have here in our school.

ISB offers a variety of educational options for bilingual, international, expat and Hungarian families. We integrate our curriculum so that all children have the opportunity to benefit from every program. We provide a quality education for our students by giving them the best of both the English and the Hungarian curriculum. The combination of a skills based international program and a lexical knowledge based Hungarian curriculum gives the perfect harmony for the development of the children.

We not only provide a competitive high-quality education for our students but also give them a love of learning. We show them how much fun and how amazing learning can be. It is essential for us to teach basic life competencies to all of our students from the very beginning of their school education, such as self-management, presentation, negotiation, responsible decision-making and other social skills, to prepare them well for these kind of challenges in life, and to make them as successful as possible in their academic attainment, their carrier and their family life.

We have a wonderful, well-qualified, friendly staff here at ISB, who are more than happy every day to assist your child in their pursuit of a well-rounded education. We would be thrilled to give you an idea of what it means to be part of our ISB community and to give you a chance to experience our inviting family atmosphere in our school. We will show you around our school, and we will be happy to discuss your application, review your child’s educational needs, and discuss any questions you may have.